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Published date: 25 February 2016
Published date:

Members will be aware that the Commonwealth government has established a Taskforce to review the Medical Benefits Schedule (MBS). This review process has been given the task to consider how the more than 5,700 items on the MBS can be aligned with contemporary clinical evidence and practice and improve health outcomes for patients (as per its terms of reference which can be found on ( . The Review is clinician-led and there are no targets for savings attached to the Review - again, this can be found on the link provided.

In response to this process and a call for submissions, a subcommittee of the executive of the ANZSVS was formed. The subcommittee has worked on a submission in response to do this. The final submission from the Society can be accessed via this link.

Members are encouraged to contact the chair of relationships portfolio ( with any comments or feedback there might have.

The ANZSVS anticipates that there will be an opportunity to provide a detailed response to the draft recommendations that will emerge from the Taskforce which is likely to be released in early December 2015.

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